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How do I change the price in a customer order? And how to place an individual order from a seller?

Hello. I am a freelance illustrator, just joined fiverr.

I have questions about working with fiverr. I’m a teapot in this business …

  1. Question in the role of the client. Let’s say I want to order some service from a seller. I write to him and discuss the price. When the price for his service is already decided, say $ 50, how should I place an order?

In his description, the basic service costs 30, and the price changes depending on the complexity. I need to place an order for 50 and how can I do it?

  1. Question in the role of the service provider, seller. Let’s say I have a Gig and the base price for my services is $ 60. In the description, I indicate that the price changes depending on the complexity and you must first write to me to discuss the order, price.

However, the client directly, without discussing the price, places an order for 60. By itself, I value a customer order at 120, so how can I change the price of a customer request?

Just dropping the request is not an option, as it will affect my rating. I need to change the price of his current order, give my explanations in it and give it to the client for consideration. I Can do that at all?

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#1. Heshe needs to send you custom offer, and do not accept offers with “Here is my offer”. Offer has to be specific and detailed, what is included, what will be delivered, all of it.

#2. This happens all the time. I just have cancelation of 200$ . I could fight against it but I can’t handle the nonsense. I will lose my rating and completation score, but that is life. I did everything to protect my self. i made mandatory requirements meaning order can not start without client clicking on answers:

Do you understand I live in Europe and work Europe daytime only?

Then sends me messages at 3 am and only then.

You can change by adding extra. You can always add extra to the order.

Read my topic on my profile for full help (link is under my profile name).

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Just to add to what Marina already said:

Custom offers:



Very informative! Thanks