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How do I charge for quotes? (additional services)

I have been receiving emails asking for additional services (I have only just joined so not yet Level 1) which I have given quotes for.

How will I charge the extra cost, on top of the $5 gig?

Thanks guys, you’re awesome!

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Unfortunately, the only way to charge for beyond the initial order is for the buyer to keep placing $5 orders on top of that separately until you hit the agreed upon amount. It only takes 30 days if you get a decent volume of sales to hit Level 1, though. So it’s not that long to wait. What may be best if it’s an exceedingly high amount of extras is to tell your particular buyer to order some now, and hold off a bit(until you hit level 1) to offer further help so that it will be easier for the buyer to place an order(And you should easily be able to explain this to the buyer that this is the case due to Fiverr’s limitation for new sellers on Fiverr.)

The only other thing I could think is to ask Customer Service if they may be able to rush you to your level 1 status to handle the volume of sales, or if they are able to perhaps issue a direct credit to your account somehow that the buyer can pay all at once.

Best of luck! It was really rough for me starting out before I got to a Level 2 seller status but it’s not too long of a wait. Perhaps after this buyer just wait it out on spurring up sales until you hit Level 1.

Hey Freelancemn,

This is what we’ve ended up doing - luckily the quotes are small enough to use this method! I think I will take your advice and send an email to Fiverr asking exactly that.

Thanks for your response, you’ve provided perfect clarity. I’m glad to hear you’re doing really well after a slow start.

Thanks again!


When i joined fiverr and was not level up i got an order of $175. And literally that buyer placed 35 orders one by one for me. Because that buyer was unable to select any gig extras or order multiples. This happened to me twice in the very first time.

There is no way fiverr will rush and make you LEVEL 1 seller and there is no way possible they will make some arrangements so that your buyer can pay in one go. I asked them and there was no solution possible.

@Wingle Yeah, I kind of figured but it was worth a shot in suggesting it to him. Perhaps maybe someone in CS he might get connected to may push it to a higher authority as I know it’s possible to do a credit to someones account. The best bet though really is to just wait until at least level 1.

The real only option for newcomers is manually, one by one!


Best of luck,

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