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How do I charge?

Hi guys!

I’m new to fiverr and just created my first transcription gig. I have a few questions. Please bear with me if these are common knowledge around here.

How I do _really_charge for my service? I know its $5. But $5 for how long of an audio? What if the audio, or video for that sake, is 1 hour or more? Will it still be for $5?

Should I state that it’s $5 for X amount of minutes in the title or description?

You can choose how much you want to work for $5. Make sure to describe your gig detailed enough so that buyers know what you are offering for $5.

Use other gigs as orientation without copying their entire description and youre good to go.
This should give some orientation how others deal with it.

Cheers Andy

Yes you can say that it is $5 for X amount of minutes. How much you want to give for only $5 is up to you to decide.

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Thank you acinger & misscrystal. I will edit my gig’s description accordingly.