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How do I check my @ replies to my comments/discussions on this forum?

I noticed many people sending replies to me on the various discussions I post - how can I keep track of them ? I am reading a lot of discussions here and posting my views, where I feel like. I dont always go back to the page to read what people reply to me… how do I know if someone did a @ reply ? I dont find a cpanel or profile page.

You should be able to see it when you click on the “My Activity” link in the top menu.

Also, if there are discussions you want to be notified about, you can click “Follow” and you’ll be notified when comments are added to the discussion.


Reply to @natalieab: I also searched for this thing. I would like to see small notifications number near the My activity menu item. So just after login to My Forum I can see those notifications. :slight_smile:

Reply to @natalieab: I checked the My activity tab but could not find all @ replies in one go… but yeah I can notice where all I posted and I can go back to the discussions and check for replies. :slight_smile:

use this fiverr link

Hello, please note this post is dated 2012.