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How do I choose a seller?


I just signed up and am so overwhelmed. I am looking for someone to draw a logo for my bath shop, but there are so many people to choose from. I basically have an idea of what I want drawn, the artist would just have to put it together. I’m confused about what to do. Do I just pick someone, buy the service and then tell them what I am looking for. So unsure how this all works. Any tips for a noob?



You need to discuss with seller and test his/her skill and then choose your best seller


Message a few people, see how responsive they are and how well they communicate with you, and then pick someone you have a good vibe and you can afford working with (including the extras).

Hope this helps. Doing the research saves you time from screw-ups later on.


You need to select anyone gig and check his work with his portfolio then place a order i’m also providing the logo designing services…


Osman shahbaz


Why on earth would someone add $20 or $40 to “fix the logo” ? LOL If someone is offering a logo for $5, you should NOT have to bribe them or grease their palms to “get it right”.

Maybe it’s a communication thing here, but to suggest someone pay more money to get something done “right” when it should have been correct for the initial payment, is a bit goofy.



Reply to @kjblynx: 95% rating is still considered bad! Anything atleast a 98% and up is good.


If you’re willing to invest a little extra for high quality, I’d send the exact same brief to 5-6 designers handpicked by you. Then I’d use the best logo created from the bunch. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: It might be like that in school, but not if you’re fairly new on this site