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How do I choose Vacation Mode? [using Fiverr app]

I am currently unable to complete any orders due to my computer being in need of repair. I would like to set my profile to vacation mode, but I am unable to find the option from the app. Can anyone help???

You need to do via PC only, this features is may be not available in mobile app.
so, you need to go through pc and go in “my gigs” section. here vocation mode option available :slight_smile:

You probably figured this out by now, given how long ago you posted, but I thought I’d answer for others who find this by searching. Since this is the only post I found asking the question, and it seems to have never been answered.

It’s relatively hidden compared to the PC version. You have to go to Home in the left dropdown menu, then in the top right is a : with an extra dot. That is the interaction menu. Click that and go to Settings. From there you will see Vacation. I hope this is helpful to someone.