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How do I contact a buyer?

How do I find a buyer who needs my service?
How do I contact them if there is no contact option in a buyer’s profile?


Correct me if I’m wrong but… If a buyer REALLY needs your service, why isn’t HE contacting YOU?

And if you don’t know the buyer and never communicated with him before, how do you know he needs YOUR service more than MINE service, for example? That’s wrong thinking.

To contact a buyer, I believe they have to first send you a message. That’s a security feature introduced from Fiverr because… Just imagine the amount of spam they’ll have to deal with if that was the case.


And the thing you want to do, I believe its called SPAM. So I’d instead become better with marketing and making people come to you.


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You have to wait to be contacted. If you try to contact too many buyers and sending the same type of message, they may flag your account as being SPAM. So just be patient and they will contact you. Make sure that your gigs are set up properly so that buyers can find you and use your services.

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You can find your buyers to the buyer request section. Send buyer request then if they like your request they can contact you.

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