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How do I contact a higher support team?

Hi everyone, hope that you are having a great day :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask, but I’m having a TERRIBLE, a really TERRIBLe experience with the Fiverr support team, I’ve opened a ticked a Month ago now, with no updates/fixes to my problem, yet the problem is getting deeper to my accounts, however, the support team won’t answer my messages or anything, So I was asking if there is a higher support Team to contact so they take care of my case.


the one-day activity is just my message.

You can try to open a new ticket and tell them about this issue. Maybe there will be some bug or technical error.

If you send a lot of duplicate messages or anything rude they may not answer, just a head’s up on that. Or if you send more than one ticket on the same problem. You can also try asking on the forum if anyone has a similar problem.


Not rude at all, but how can a huge website/company such as Fiverr have a support team that ignores a “BIG” issue for a month without any solutions?

Depending on what it is, they might not have a solution or it might be in a queue of other problems the tech team is working on. If it’s an earnings problem it might even not be a fiverr problem at all. That’s why I suggested trying to ask on the forum. I’ve gotten tremendous help here sometimes.

update: apparently I couldn’t see any of the “new” messages from the support team until I opened a new ticket, however, the told me that the technical team still looking for the issue :disappointed:

One time they didn’t respond to me, I sent them a polite Tweet explaining the issue. Then they dealt with it.