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How do I contact a sell I have used before

Hi all. I’ve just come back to Fiverr to see if I can get back in contact with a seller who I used a few Months ago. He was excellent and I need his skills again. The trouble is, when I go to my inbox and click on him I get the message "For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly"
How do I get back in touch. I really could use his expertese again.
Not sure what to do.
Any suggestions???

Hello, from my experience, when the message “For privacy reasons blah blah” shows up,
either that person is blocked by the Fiverr staff due to some reasons, maybe violating the rules) or the seller decided to block you (hopefully that’s not the case!)
I think you can contact customer support to see if the person is still around.
I’m guessing this person has not quite Fiverr, otherwise you will get a message like " this account is no longer available”.