How Do I Contact An Actual Person for Support?


I have searched this entire site, gone to their facebook, I see no where at all to talk to an actual employee of Fiverr. Have you guys had any luck? Will you please direct me? I get they probably don’t want to get flooded with emails but this is kind of ridiculous. I have a legitimate question, if they don’t contact me maybe you can help?

A few weeks ago they did the “spend $20, get $5” deal. I spent $20 and haven’t yet received my $5. Does anyone know how this works? If not will you please post the contact information?

Thank you!


If you look on the flyer for that special offer, it tells you that if you buy 5 gigs on the designated date, then you will receive a $5 credit in your account balance by a subsequent date. Offhand, I don’t know what those dates are, but if I remember from previous offers, it was at least 2 weeks later, but look at the email flyer to be sure. If the time when you should have received the credit has passed, then file a report with Customer Support. (don’t know why you couldn’t find it…there is a link on the bottom of every single page of the Fiverr site itself, and a link on the dashboard across the top of the forum pages. Look up. Or you can click on the words Customer Support in my note here…I wrote it twice). If you can’t understand how to file a CS report, then do a forum search on that topic. The forum search box is in the upper right hand corner.


I am having the same problem as above can not get any support from fiverr as I am looking to cancel a order that somehow I must have accidently pressed.I have spent the last 3-4 hrs trying to find how to cancel this order.It tells you how to cancel it,but nothing seems to be in place to do it.I tried to clickon a link that click here to cancel,but the link does not work.I somehow was glad to come across this to report this.I dont wnt to geta bad tip against me.Can support please send me a message to my inbox as I problem wont find this section again.This is the name of the person abhishek_it can you do that for me please

Thank You mane17