How do I contact Fiverr? A very dissatisfied customer


I didn’t get what I ordered, I tried contacting seller several times before delivery with Q’s and never got a response. I tried to contact afterwards and no response. how come after 3 days it is considered closed, how come he can just do the work however he wants?


You should ask for a revision in 3 days, after that time the gig will be automatically marked as complete


As solow13 said, when the sellers delivers, you have 3 days to mark the order as complete and leave a rating, or request modification. If you do nothing for 3 days, the order is automatically marked as complete by the Fiverr system.

You have 14 days after the order was marked as complete to cancel it, if you believe that you didn’t get what you paid for. To do that, go to the order page, click on the Resolution center, and cancel. The money will be refunded as Fiverr credit for further purchases. If you have trouble with cancelling, you can contact Customer Support, and they will assist you.


Those infos are very Important for new Fiverr Customers ! :slight_smile:


Reply to @ppr306: The info is easily available in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, to which everyone has agreed by creating an account here. :slight_smile: