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How do I contact fiverr about an order?

I have five orders from one person who told me to send her topic ideas for her blog. She said she needed to approve them before I could write them. The order is now past due because she has not responded. How di I contact fiverr about this, because if she cancels because I was late it will look terrible on me.

I don’t want to cancel them though. Will it not look bad on me? That is a lot of orders. Is there anyway I can contact fiverr directly?

The best part about Mutual Cancellation as per Fiverr’s changed ToC is that it doesn’t lower your rating.

Also, once you place the request of mutual cancellation, it gets automatically cancelled if your buyer doesn’t respond in 2 days. So you’re not at a loss.

You can obviously contact Customer Support but that might take 1-3 days to get a reply and hence it’s recommended that you yourself mutually cancel the order and get it resolved.

Thank you to everyone who responded. I know this is a late message back but I just now am getting back on the forum. I took everyones advice and sent a mutual cancellation.