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How do I contact Fiverr, I cannot login

I cannot login.
After login in I am taken to a page requesting verification. I do not receive an email with the verification code.

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Did you check the Spam folder of your email? Check all folders to make sure the email hasn’t ended somewhere else.

Is the email still up to date? Do you have access to it? Because I see that your account is quite old and you haven’t logged in often as your last and only review is 9 months ago.


Yes the email is up to date and working fine. I just received the notification of this post on it.
Yes I have checked the spam/junk folder.
I can obviously login to this forum but I cannot login to FiverrPro because it is asking for verification from my computer.

I can login from my phone. But not from my laptop because of this verification process.

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Did you set up 2 step verification? There is a way to email support


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Your account doesn’t look like it has the FiverrPro badge, maybe you lost it because you didn’t access for a long time and that’s why Fiverr is asking for this verification? You should contact CS at this point.

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