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How do I convince my parents to be a freelancer

They just don’t accept the fact that you can earn from home. They think I keep playing games in my device but the truth is I’ve earned hundreds on different online platforms. If I tell this to them, they’ll probably say something like “we knew from beginning you’re in gambling.” They don’t like me opening my device and being on internet. They can’t tolerate this for a second.

They just got mad when I purchased WiFi connection. I can’t tell them now that I want to make my career as a freelancer.

Did you also face something like this while starting your freelancing career? How do I tell them the truth.

Arrey yaar, trust your parents. Get a job. Freelancing is for those of us who cannot get a proper job, or need an extra income because the current job is not enough. If you are an entrepreneurial person, I would suggest starting your own business. Failing that, get a job. World is full of possibilities for the young. If I was of your age, I would either join the Indian Army as an officer or done my MBA and joined Goldman Sachs. Since I failed at everything in my youth, I am freelancing. Don’t let this happen to you. All the best.


Thanks for kind words. I appeared for NDA once and for CDS once and couldn’t crack it but I’ll try with proper preparation.

OH. Freelancing is great start for a your-own small company. if you can manage better fiver account with so many bad buyers, and unhappy parents you will be a star of this fiverr world and with that load of work you can start a startup either. and brother, there is nothing without obstacles. Try to educate them about online world and just let them know you can find 1001 good things also thought internet. I have done all my learning from the internet. there are so many resources there. videos, blogs, articles. and there are bad things too. we can choose the path.

in the future you will find so many bad buyers who is seeking to place worst comments on your gig. you need to be patient and handle them very carefully. Good luck.

Thanks alot sister for kind words. I’ll try my best and find a proper time to convince them.

Yes do that. you will rock here for sure. practise patient. and be hungry to give best.

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The only thing that will convince your parents is MONEY. If you want to freelance, then start freelancing. Just start doing it now, or whenever-it-is that you’re ready to start. Just do it. If you’re making enough money to support yourself, then BOOM you’ve got all the proof you need. You don’t need your parents’ blessing, you need your own initiative. And as others have said, until you’re full-time self employed, you’d better have a regular job to keep the bills paid and food on the table.


Thanks James yes I’ve already started and I’m slowly moving forward to that point where I don’t have to prove it.

@hesart That all sounds like some great advice but you have only 1 review so far. I am confused.

I would say @jamesbulls has given pretty good advice (although I am a beginner myself) but there are two crucial things to keep in mind about freelancing that no one has mentioned thus far:

1) Income is inconsistent. Sometimes you get more clients than you can handle, sometimes there is not enough of them.

2) You cannot scale it. You’re by yourself and you can only work so many hours in one day.

I would recommend to look up a YouTuber called Mike Locke. He has some, what I think are great tips, about freelancing in general. Specifically, there is this one video entitled “The Truth About Freelancing” that I think is worth watching.

Good luck!

Thanks for your recommendation. I see he has some good tips for beginners on logo design and stuff. I’ll have a look.

Thanks again.

I feel you, I’m sort of being pressured to go into engineering by my parents. I really have no passion for it, like at all. I enjoy doing Fiverr gigs as well as running a YouTube channel, hopefully both my platforms can grow in the future. I really can’t see myself waking up every day and going to work as an engineer. Money is cool and all, but is it really worth it if you’re miserable every day? I genuinely enjoy doing Fiverr gigs and making videos, so hopefully I can do it as a career someday. Good luck with everything.

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I’m myself a final sem engineering student and I also regret it as I didn’t have passion for it. Chose wisely.

@dasarg Yeah. Still I have only one review. I have created my fiverr account few months ago. But I just focus on fiverr and I will working on my account modification to find more clients on here.

I do love fiverr coz

  1. I have seen more success people who work on fiverr in sri lanka and they have a good life.
  2. Once I have work with fiverr with my friend and we earned good money with that.

Sometime I hate fiverr coz
sometime fiverr team also not supportive for sellers.
No one can say how long we can survive here. One Bad customer can ruin everything we build. But if we are talent enough to manage them. we have a good future with fiverr.

So I think best thing is Work Hard and Invest somewhere also too. Because every business has a RISK.

@dasarg thank you very much for sharing that link and I will watch them later in a free time.

@zeeshan_tirmizi @zeeshan_tirmizi I just read this.

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