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How do I create gigs on phone

Ive searched this app through and through. Seller mode is on. Help?

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You can’t through the mobile app or mobile website.

Log into Fiverr in your browser and select desktop mode. Then you can do whatever you would do at a computer on Fiverr.


A phone is just not a professional workspace.

Your phone is like a toilet cubicle, tremendously useful but not your office (despite what they try to sell you in adverts). Work on a real desktop computer with a good sized screen (or two).

Not showing off at all, this is me at work making a video, just not doable from a cramped little phone for size of screen or processing power. This helps you to work faster.



Totally. I don’t endorse working on a phone. But sometimes some people may have to and this is a solution for such situations.

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