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How do I create messages to use over and over?

Okay. Yes, I am clueless. Recently there was a podcast where they mentioned being able to create messages that you can use over and over. I easily figured out how to do this on voices .com a long time ago. But this site is not very user friendly or intuitive. So can someone let me know how to do this? Thanks.

Are you talking about the “Quick Response” feature of Fiverr?

If you are this is how…
When in a conversation with someone in Fiverr, look at the rectangular box where you can type text. You will see on the top right is “send an offer” and on the top left is “use a quick response”… Click on the “use a quick response” button and then there will be a drop down choice to “add new quick response”…there you can add a (title or quick response name) and the (text or the contents of your quick answer)… You can then use these when someone messages you or when you’re delivering an order. :slight_smile:

Hope this was the answer you are looking for.

Thanks so much! That was very helpful!