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How do I deactivate my account?


I want to close my account. I opened a new one to understand if I missed some part in the signing up process to attach my paypal account to my Fiverr account, but there was no such thing. I still have no idea how to withdraw my money to my paypal account. Please do tell me, and deactivate this account.

P.S. Fiverr sucks.


I think I know what’s the problem, my other account’s username is Calixtus, the problem is the button to withdraw money to my paypal account is not working. There is some kind of error, if Fiverr could do something about it, I think the problem could be solved. All in all, I have read online, and there are so many numerous complaints regarding the use of Fiverr, it shows how problematic it really is. I don’t think I will be using it much anymore, I suggest they should improve their website.


I checked with it, and they say the order is only complete after three days. I suppose I will have to wait one more day then. If there is still a problem, please do something about it for me.


Why hasn’t anyone responded? I really need help on this.


Ok thanks. I live all the way on the other side of the world. Should have been more patient, but I thought too that most people were from the US, so they would naturally be asleep. Just one thing, I don’t know how to contact customer support, there is no request form for it. Couldn’t they have a look at this post and do it for me? Also, I did realise after enough searching that all I needed was to wait for the clearance of the order. Anyway thanks.