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How do I deal with a blackmailing customer!?


I have a problem with a customer which I can’t please! I’ve done as he says and he is STILL not happy. He’s holding the review as a tool for blackmailing me. I’ve over delivered big time! I’m tired of him but I want to keep my 100% positive review status. ¿Is there something I can do? I’ve been working for him even after the order has already been completed… :confused: for about 10 days. It’s unfair that he’s taking advantage of my situation… HELP! Anyone? Ideas? Similar problems!?


If you feel something is going out of hands and buyer is not adjusting to your gig. I think the best option is to get customer support in between the deal. Even in worst case scenario you may lose money with cancellation but atleast customer support will be there to look into your case. Always get CS involved if you get pushy and threatening clients.


That’s the problem… I don’t think it’s fair. I’ve already completed his offer days ago.


What does he think the problem is with it? I mean, you have to look at it from the customer’s point of you view too.


There are some people that are not worth dealing with. I would give him a refund and tell him that you are sorry that you could not satisfy his requests. People like that are a time and emotional drain that you need out of your life. I think it’s better to lose a little money than be blackmailed by someone like that.


Reply to @ryangillam: Thank you all for your guidance. It really helps. Ryan the problem is somewhat ridiculous. The customer showed me a video of what he wanted. He told me to inspire on that. That’s what I did… after delivering the customer said that’s not what he wanted. So I asked WHY he sent me the link of the video… He should have just described what he wanted or sketched it out. So I did it all over again… started from scratch. Delivered again, the order was marked as completed by fiverr system. Once again he wasn’t happy and he claimed to be a graphics designer … what kind of graphic designer doesn’t work on his own project??? But o well… I’m about to deliver the 3rd project! And I knowwwwwww he won’t be happy anyways… he’s just holding the review over my head :S