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How do I deal with a buyer who wants great results (and price is not an issue for him) but isn't much clear about what he wants?


I recently got a buyer who wanted a good PDF design done. So I got the original PDF. Looked at the things. Then said I’ll make a good layout after which we can move in to doing more things. Good graphics is his jam and so he wanted it first. Now that took time as I had to imagine and make up stuff from scratch (but I did tell him what I have been doing. This footer has gradient or maybe that bar is coming right up there , so on and so forth). The buyer likes the stuff and the direction I took, but still from the Convo I sensed that he wanted something better. Now I’m not a pro or artist of some sorts , at least yet to be there. My question is how do you conduct a gig smoothly in which you are faced with a situation where a person wants to get a thing done, but isn’t really clear on what he wants. After all, you have to get the thing done, right? The question is how.


In my experience, a buyer who refuses to be clear before ordering = a buyer who will cause problems at every step (placing the order, buyer req. page, accepting delivery, review).
It’s a sign to not accept the work.


And I offered to work with him from the BR. And got selected. Oh the irony.
The buyer is not bad, but he is a newbie to Fiverr. I’ve delivered what he wanted (the layout with improved colours added to things) and will move on to more things that will be done, when he is okay.
I’m just wondering how it all will go…


If you’re wondering . . . I guess you’ll find out.


Yes, action changes stuff. For orders like these I feel as if when will I get to the end.