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How do I deal with this client?


I am a new seller with less earnings. I am content blog writer from India

Few months ago, a guy contacted me on LinkedIn for a long-term association. He told me he found me via Fiverr but he chose to contact me on LinkedIn. Must have been easy for him since I use the same name everywhere.

I worked for him for a few months until he became overtly demanding and ridiculously started lying about his work limits. He manipulated me into hiring a team by saying loads of work and then said I don’t have proper keywords so changes will come later, because he had done no keyword research.

I wasn’t ready to take articles finished 2 weeks ago for revision. If you don’t have work finalized, why would you ask the writer to hire his own team?

So I stopped working with him. WHY AM I POSTING THIS HERE?

Because now he contracts me through Fiverr under a different name. How do I know it’s him? Because the description he gives is exactly the same signature he had when we worked off Fiverr!

First few orders I was alarmed so I started observing him. I saw his communication style and his pattern, niche, category of work is ALL same as the old client. And he’s been deliberately giving me low ratings. I still worked hoping Fiverr would protect me.

Just yesterday, I came back from a day- long interview process and found his order. I didn’t have tea, I didn’t wait - I just started my laptop and quickly delivered my order because I was under the impression he was giving me low ratings due to late delivery.

But he gave me only 4 stars, and when placed a second order he sent me “take it more seriously this time” … Do I look like a nut to you?


If you don’t want to work with him you don’t have to. Tell him that you are not a good match for his purpose. Tell him there are many other sellers he can select who will do what he wants since it is obvious you are not doing a good enough job to suit him. Cancel his orders.


knowing that the buyer could harm you means don’t proceed with him/her that’s it … it’s you who decides which job to do


If any one want to damage your profile intentionally you can stop that by doing report icon under chat. After report he will no longer be able to contact you.

If any one place order without discussing any thing regarding project you can use resolution center to increase time. make sure your min gig price is good as you want. (for example if you will not charge 5$ for any work then you should change the price to min which you can charge for work and then add extras this will help you to decrease canceling the project)

I would recommend you only use fiverr to communicate and payments and always deliver project with proof


You can cancel his orders through customer support.

Let the client know (politely) that you are not interested and contact customer support. Let them know you believe it’s the same person presenting as someone else and being dishonest and you don’t want to work with them.


That’s the thing. His last 3 orders are still under “pending clearance”. If I refuse without a proper reason, I will not only lose $24 but my rating could also go down and I’m already a new seller :frowning:


Well, I don’t think you should cancel those that were already delivered and reviewed. With any new ones, though, you should get yourself some freedom. You are allowed to refuse to work with someone for any reason, even if they just creep you out (and pretending to be someone else is a pretty creepy behavior).


What I mean is what does “funds pending clearance” mean? Under what conditions can Fiverr remove those funds?

Of course I won’t cancel old, completed orders. I am withdrawing payment for them. But again there are problems saying “my paypal account has changed”. I don’t know what that means


"funds pending clearance” means that in 2 weeks (since you’re a new seller) you’ll get these funds transferred to the revenue card you’ve attached to your account.


Just curious that despite you know it clearly that this buyer is same as older buyer just with difference user id, and keeps giving you low ratings despite good work(I assume so), why would you be delivering another order from this buyer, and not just cancel it? Is it earning you’re worried about? If so, don’t bother much about earning… but ratings!

Like other fellow senior sellers have already advise you to contact Fiverr customer care explaining your issue, they might be of help to you, as always they do.

Don’t panic, take action!

Good luck!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, I have reported the case to Fiverr support with screenshots but this is my first time with Fiverr. I hope it’ll not affect my stats negatively. I only took it initially hoping to improve my Fiverr numbers, and I would have continued delivering his orders under the covert knowledge for the same reason.

However, if you give me 4 star and call it “personal opinion” and don’t give proper feedback for the reduced rating (despite accelerated delivery), then I can’t trust this guy. He could repeat and get my ratings down again.


I’m waiting for resolution from Fiverr support will update this forum when I get some reply from them.


Don’t take more work from him. And contact support and give them all the details.



Well Here People Can Help you About Fiverr Othere than Else Nothing…

Second Thing If You Know That You Have faced hard time With Client Do Not Accept Order That Buyers Again. If You Have Accepted The order And Then Got Low Rating. Its Not Right Way To Excuse By Combining Things. First Care About Your Reputation Accept WHat You Can Deliver …


You need to cut ties with him and be careful about breaking TOS again. When you post the above, you are admitting that you knowingly worked with someone and accepted payment on the side.

You can’t do that.



I am seeking a solution. and he placed an order without asking me… So
instead of just cancelling the order I am seeking for a long term solution
while avoiding negative repurcussions on my Fiverr stats…

And are you complaining about someone else complaining, funny guy?


@designer2k18 You do know that people can’t control what orders they take, right?

Unfortunately, I don’t think that there is necessarily a long-term solution that doesn’t at least result in cancellation. Unless, of course, Fiverr support comes through and bans his account. But even then, he could potentially make new accounts and come back if they don’t ban his IP address…



Just Keep Off Fiverr work Private. And You have Received Work From That Buyer out Side From Fiverr Which Was Wrong Decision from Your Side And Should Avoide Such Things Follow Tos Rules.

And We All Are Giving Suggestions No One is Complaining You Admitted Everything By Your Own…


It’s probably just that your tone seemed weirdly combative.

Since sellers can’t stop orders from coming in, you can’t really prevent customers from other sites from ordering from you. OP didn’t bring the customer over from another platform, the customer came over and is harassing him.


Thanks for notifying that.Actually his first message came to me on Linkedin
and we continued from there. At the end of our first conversation, I asked
him how he found me. He told me he found me on Fiverr