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How Do I Delete a Gig?


I can’t figure out how to delete a gig. I decided I no longer want to offer at least one of them. Clicked Edit and searched Help, but cannot find out. Anyone know how? Thanks!


Reply to @sallykins: go to My gigs > choose the one you want to edit click on it , you will see three dots on the top right corner, choose Edit so you can make the desired modification.


I confirm the suspend option


"Click My Sales from the drop down, then click My Gigs.

On the My Gigs page, simply check the box on the left side of the gig you want to remove, and click the option at the top of the list. "

Except that I don’t have ‘My Sales’ come up.


kjblynx has said it all…In addition, be very careful with the “suspend” option so that you don’t create a similar gig and mistakenly activate both. Avoid doing this as much as possible so that fiverr won’t kick your ass :slight_smile:


How do I delete or edit a gig that I worded wrongly?


go to Statistics (three dots on * ACTIVE GIGS page)==> on every gig you will find options :edit delete … (arrow)