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How do I delete my Temporary Restricted Account?

Can I delete my temporary restricted account and create a new one?

You cannot make a new account after getting a warning that temporarily restricts your account.

Why would Fiverr want a possible rule breaker make a new account?

It is best if you wait for the outcome of your gig review.


Account has been restricted for 3 days. I told Fiber that they said it was working.
I don’t know when this account will be fixed.

Maybe someone here can tell you if they can see your gig. I am on my phone or I would do that for you.

There have been other sellers here who thought their gigs were restricted and we could see them and they were not restricted.

No one knows that. It might take days, weeks or even months.
And it’s not a guarantee that it will be “fixed”. If they do find that you indeed violated rules then your account will be banned

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