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How do I deliver an order like this?

Hello, everyone. I have an order (new buyer, never contacted me before the purchase). I have a package that includes up to 5 resizes of the same design which is the one they’ve purchased. I.e., if you want more than 1 size, you need to get that package.

They’ve provided 2 sizes they want. Another 2 they don’t have yet but they will “later this month”. They explicitly stated that they expected these 2 unknown resizes to be the part of the initial package price (no problem here, it fits it).

My question is, how do I deliver this order? Just deliver the work they’ve provided the requirements for as my final delivery and then PM them the rest of the resizes when/if they ever come back with the details?

I have the buyer specifically telling me “yes, let’s wait on those other 2”. But still they’ve mentioned them in the original requirements and I don’t want to get slapped with an incomplete delivery warning OR the new big bad of those “manual TRS demotions”.

I’ll be contacting CS on this but I’m fairly confident I’ll get some semi-related copy/paste that won’t be too helpful.

What should I do?


In case that happens, I’d ask them again if what I will be doing is okay and that I’d not get penalized for it (as some sort of partial delivery or w.e). You will need CS to tell you that it is absolutely okay to do whatever you are planning on doing. I wouldn’t stop asking CS until I got that answer from them. :smiley:


You could see if they wanted to extend the delivery until the time they will know what the other 2 sizes are.

Assuming it’s okay (not sure - you’d have to check with CS) you could maybe send additional sizes that you think might be required (eg. 2 other sizes that you think are most likely to be required from past experience of those types of designs) and say that you are sending that for a complete order but those 2 sizes can be changed if necessary through a revision request or inbox if the order is set to complete. Though that might be risky. I think requesting extending the delivery might be safest.

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:slight_smile: The CS just offered me to cancel the initial order and send the new one without the extra sizes included. I want to scream.

And the thing is, he already wants 2 sizes. So the price would be the same.

:crying_cat_face: That’s unfortunate. Why don’t you instead tell CS that you would rather have the order duration extended (up to 30 days or until the buyer is ready with the other sizes) than have it canceled? I don’t see why this would be a problem.

However, in this case, you would have to make sure that the buyer gets back to you within 30 days. The one drawback, however, is that there’s no real way of making sure the buyer does that. :thinking:

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Yeah, the last thing I need is 2 weeks of being a hostage of a pretty well-priced order that may or may not ever come to fruition.


I’m glad you asked customer support. And to avoid the dreaded incomplete order you have to deliver what they paid for with the final delivery even if they didn’t give you the sizes they need. It puts you in a real pickle.

My instinct says to deliver all the sizes in the delivery even if you have to guess at the other sizes they didn’t specify, and let them know you will give them the other sizes they need as soon as they provide the dimensions later on.

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If you’ll have to do it the “cancel and send a new offer” way, can you choose 30 days delivery time and do a milestone for the first sizes? At least, you’d get the revenue for the first two sizes sooner then (though I believe I read that for milestones, it’s 8 days till autocomplete instead of the usual 3 …)


Good thinking. I wanted to try milestones feature for a while now.

I’d be paranoid to do this after I brought the CS attention to the order. Everything that has a tiniest implication there may be adjustments after the delivery is kryptonite now.


UPD I offered the buyer to either cancel the order and submit a new one with milestones or extend the delivery time. They showed up with the full list of sizes so problem solved for now.

The CS other advice was to cancel and later on create a small order for $5 and deliver the rest of the sizes (which I’m pretty sure on a bad day can be considered “gaming the system”).