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How do I determine if my articles have been published before?

I outsource my articles to a gost writer, but after taking stock of the articles it looks like an articles peaks from the internet.

My question now is how do I now if the articles have been published before? I would like to know this before making use of this articles. Just to determine the uniqueness of the articles.


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You might wanna invest in spellcheck of some sort…


I honestly can’t tell if this guy is joking or not. For the love of God’s green Earth I certainly hope he is just trolling.

You could copy and paste a bit of the article into Google. You could also use Copyscape.

This post has been changed so many times it just doesn’t make sense!


Google “Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker.”

That’s pretty much all you need. Just be aware that certain false positives do happen. 76% uniqueness is around about the minimum score you should be looking for.