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How do I edit my feedback?


My seller made four corrections and got it right! I need to change from negative to positive. Thanks!

Buyer wants to change the rating but is not able to do so. HELP

Welcome to Fiverr and we are happy you are here. The buyer would need to go back to the order and edit their own feedback you would not be able to however you can edit your own response/feedback for any particular order. If you still have concerns please feel free to contact Customer Support. Good luck with your gig(s).


Welcome to Fiverr! @tn5rr2012 is right. You should go to the order page and change your feedback.

What I’d like to suggest to you is to NEVER leave negative feedback when you buy something unless you discuss with the seller and they are rude and really aren’t willing to adjust their work for you.

Most sellers in here are very friendly and are willing to make changes to make their buyers happy (as long as those changes include just bettering the original work that buyers paid for, NOT giving freebies).

Always get familiar with their work before ordering (check their work samples or ask for some) to know what to expect and to make sure you would be happy with something similar.

Always give enough details when explaining the seller what you would like. There are many buyers and all want something different/have various tastes, so sellers can’t just “make it good/beautiful/nice” unless they know what that means for you.

I hope these quick tips will improve your experience both as a buyer and as a seller on Fiverr. Have fun and happy gigging!




@tn5rr2012 is right.


welcome to fiverr! its simple as above members told you, i just want to add… go to the order page find the change feedback link on the bottom right cornor click and change it :slight_smile:


I made corrections for my buyer and she wishes to change the feedback but the change feedback is not popping up when she hovers over since it was an old order. Is there anything she could do to change the feedback? I worked extra to resolve the issue so it could be changed only to find out after a certain amount of time it cannot be changed.

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Customer support will take care of this.

It’s great to have Fiverr users like you that like to do things right!



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Please slow your roll. We are users just like you. All we can offer you is an opinion or an answer based on what you say. The Forum has a few rules. We do not call others out. We do not SHOUT here. We keep the talk and the language civil. Respect that or risk having your posts removed.


I have a very important concern about this seller ‘’’’ I ask him to not input

his link into my website because of personal reasons and he SAID HE WOULD NOT! DO THAT. However after a month he went into my account and secretly ADD his link and not say anything to me!!! That is very wrong of him and so I am putting you on notice that this guy IS A SNAKE/

Also he was very nice and ON TIME before he got the last payment. ONCE HE GOT PAID I HAD TO CONSTANTLY FIND OUT WHEN MY WORK WAS GETTING DONE. He also put up a stink! when I ask him to change a couple of things on my information section. If someone sending me an email about a question it would not go through, he took a long time to get back to me and its still not resolve.



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And now we have a very important concern about you. You did not read the forum rules. Naming other users is strictly not allowed. We have no idea if your story is true or not and it should not matter either way. Either remove your posts completely or remove the seller’s name.


And that’s just right; We keep it civil here.


Reply to @kacyinc: Gosh cheezees, kacyinc is clearly TOO frustrated to follow rules… How dare you try to explain things reasonably!


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hey i cant edit my feedback after some period because the edit or remove feedback button is not there,please can you help me


There is a limit to how long you can edit. You will need to contact Customer Support if you cannot and they may help depending on how long it has been.


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