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How do I edit my Order Requirements

I would like to edit my Order requirement for Buyers to send requests to my Inbox before placing orders. How is this adjustment made?

Its easy go to top right where your cleared funds showing
Go to “My Gigs” => Click Edit Gig Whichever U’d like to edit

After clicking edit you’ll see the title of your gig,Above that “Overview” “Pricing” “Requirements” and Gallery

Simply go to Requirements => Take your cursor on the text you’ve written earlier you will find a small pen click on it and edit and save.

You’r done

They see the requirement after they ordered. What OP wants is to get contacted before they order.

They’ll see the requirements once they ordered. If you want them to contact you before they order you have put that into the gig description.

Oh i thought he just wanted to edit the Requirements

If you want them to see more information than you can fit into your description before they order, consider doing an FAQ pdf and attaching that to your gig as an image - mention in your description to check my FAQ above or something like that…

Good idea!