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How do I enable my disabled account?

Last month, I disabled my account with every intention of not coming back to Fiverr. But that was a mistake and now I want my account back. I just want the account, forget the gigs as I plan on making new ones. I tried to contact customer support, but that requires me to log in, which I can’t do. So how do I contact them now?


If you go to the bottom of the Fiverr main page there is a link to Customer Support and the Terms of Service which may also be helpful to you.


That is what I tried to do, but the link is redirecting me to the log in page. Is there any other way to contact customer support?

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Yes contact directly to custom support from main page page of fiverr
I also had this issue and solved by contacting customer support



I assume this is the link you are directing me to ^^

That link is You can move your mouse over it and see for yourself. Or maybe this is a browser issue? I’m using Firefox 58.0.1 on a linux system

If you disabled your account, you probably cannot get that account back. The instructions say that your gigs and profile won’t be shown anymore and it doesn’t list a method to re-enable anything.


This is correct

You could try or

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