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How do I ensure that I do have just one order per day not more?

I have a dedicated job and I’m doing freelancing in my free time (extra time), so I do not want myself to tire out, hence I just want to take one order in a particular day, not more. How do I ensure that?

Also, suppose if a buyer places an order to me right now and after 5 hours another buyer sends me order. So do I have 24+5 = 29 hours to complete both the orders, or second order will start only after completion of first one?


you can set out of office .every buyer when do order must be will see your profile activited .

Each order is treated separately as far as the time frame goes.

All orders need to be completed within their time frame.

Suggest you don’t offer 24 hour delivery.


The second order will start the moment that the buyer sends their requirements.

I agree with @lloydsolutions, if you only want to do one order per day and you don’t have much time, you shouldn’t offer 24 hour delivery! I hope this helps!


One way is to increase your price.

You will likely receive fewer orders, but those you do receive will pay more.

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I shouldn’t offer 24 hour delivery? But even if I offer the same thing in 2 days, the problem remains the same which is if I start to get more no. of orders, it will be hard for me to tackle those orders. In other words, suppose if I receive 5-6 orders within a day itself, it will be hard to do all of them in 2 days, right?

Now if I increase days to deliver to beyond 2, customers will not buy from me since other sellers will be delivering them fast enough. No?

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You may not be ready for freelancing just yet.



When you get first order of the day, pause all your GIGs. When you finish order, unpaused them to get new order.


If none of the options given are suitable, and you can’t offer a service to deliver your orders in time, maybe consider putting your account on hold.

You can always come back to it!

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This seems like a plausible suggestion. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

I sure am. :slight_smile: I will handle it on my own somehow, I’m sure.

Ummmm… I don’t want to quit in the beginning itself. But thanks for the suggestion.

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There is an option to limit the number of orders in queue. Set it to the same as delivery time divided by total number of gigs you have, i.e.

Number of orders in queue == Delivery time (in days) / Number of gigs

This is assuming your average delivery time for all gigs is the same.

Hey thank you.
It is a great idea.

It is actually depend upon your delivery time, such as if you add you will complete order in 1 day or (24 hours) then you have to complete it in a one day
if you get two orders or three or four you will complete all these orders in just one day, the timing off all these orders will start at the spot as buyer place an order, orders have no connection between one another its only connected your you timeline that you have offered while preparing or completing your requirements for new gig.