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How Do I Even Give An Actual Number Rating on a Review?

Bit annoyed now after leaving a review to a seller that ended up being 4.7 stars. I wanted to give them 4.8 because there was a bit of a language barrier issue that made the process tedious sometimes, but I could only select between 0 (or 1?) and 5 stars. There was no option for an actual number-like rating. Does this only work on the mobile version or what?

Now I feel bad for the seller because I know by now that they need a rating of 4.8 to maintain their TRS status. And I specifically wanted to leave 4.8 because I couldn’t give them 5 stars when I felt that they could improve their communication level.

I’m a bit bummed out now, not gonna lie. Sucks for the guy, as I can do nothing about it. I can’t change my review or my rating…


You should get to give between 1 and 5 stars (whole stars).

4,4,4=4 avg
4,4,5=4.333 (4.3) avg
4,5,5=4.666 (4.7) avg
5,5,5=5 avg

You can’t give 4.8 avg from them.

I think it’s been like this for years (the 3 ratings of 1 to 5 stars).


Yeah, but I see ratings with 4.8 and other numbers that do not work with said rating numbers.

Is it an individual rating of 4.8 stars (from one reviewer) or an averaged rating from multiple ratings? Because it shouldn’t be possible for 1 person to give 4.8 stars for the review of 1 order.

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Well, i do have a question but i request please dont mind if you still do anyhow just consider me as your little brother and forgive me.
So its a bit off topic like I have seen you a lot of time in this forum asking different kinda questions helping other peeps who do require and ask for specific things, so you are basically a buyer so i just wanted to ask you what are the services you generally buy like m just a bit curious thats why asking…

And regarding your post yeaahh you actually cant give ratings of 4.8 its a bit sad but it is what it is, though i am a new seller in this freelancing field…

Individual rating. Trying to find one to show you a picture of some I recently viewed. Just need to find it again. Saw it more than once before.

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Curious as to why? Care to elaborate why you show interest?

I think you should rate how you feel it should be rated, personally I just don’t rate if I’m not happy with something small because like you mentioned I feel bad, but if it’s something other buyers should know before purchasing then I think there’s an obligation to put the right rating. Alternatively, you could’ve just given the good rating and written what you felt should be improved on.

Not my fault the site is like this. It was my first not-5-star review and it’s not the rating I wanted to give. I wrote what was wrong in my review anyway.

Its nothing so personal or serious about just a random query i had mostly their are sellers in this forum but you were the first buyer that i met so just its very random i wanted to know what are the services you do buy…
Still if you think it was offensive or showing disrespect asking such kinda questions m really very sorry for this it was just very randomly i asked so yeahh you can definitely flag my reply, and once again m sorry for my act…

Welp, guess I imagined it. Or maybe I was sleepy and read a 4.3 as 4.8. Of course I can’t find it now, but I felt pretty confident I saw 4.8 before. Shame. Shoulda done the math before leaving my review.

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I’ve had a look for some but can’t see any currently. I’ll have another look after.
I did wonder if it could have been possible with something like orders done with milestones.

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Did Google hire you to query me? /s

I don’t mind the random question. Just wondering what you actually wanna know. I’m not offended nor did I perceive it as a sign of disrepect. (Yaay, political correctness culture these days, am I right?)

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