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How do i file a dispute on an order that is marked as complete


I need help with an order that has been marked a complete since Mar 1 2016 but it is not yet complete. The seller asked that I mark it as complete as not to ruin her perfect delivery time as it appears on his profile. looking back i wish i had not done that as this was not a $20 gig but a $700 gig where 45% has been paid out already

i want to file a dispute and express why I do not wish to give this seller more time and information to finish the project., frankly i dont have the time to give him anymore. what he competed in 2 months could have been done n 3 weeks, i have wasted enough time


You can talk to --> Customer Support …

When a seller delivers empty and the buyer has an expectation of receiving something else, the buyer should always click on request modification. Request modification doesn’t put a bad mark on the seller as long as communication continues and the buyer doesn’t cancel. If the buyer chooses to complete a gig that isn’t really done, the buyer assumes most of the risk since it is much more difficult to get a cancellation more than a few days after a gig is marked complete. Your tip to buyers is absolutely right unless the buyer has spent only a small amount and finds the risk worthwhile.

You can try submitting a ticket of dispute to Customer Support, but I don’t know if they can help you. The fee that was paid was held by Fiverr for a 14 day clearance period before it was given to the seller to withdraw. They may not grant you a refund or cancellation since it’s been much longer than 14 days. Good luck.

That so called customer support is useless. I also have an issue with a seller. He delivered incomplete service and is continually marking it as complete. I told him to do full work but he is refusing and forcing me to accept incomplete service. There are unlimited revisions.
I contacted customer support and they said, I have to resolve it myself.
What the F*** is this. Seller is refusing to do further but customer support still insisted to resolve matter ourselves. I’ve my money held in that purchase. Why don’t they just step in and resolve the matter, be it on buyer side or seller side.

If your seller hasn’t delivered your full work but Fiverr CS is unwilling to step in, is it the case that your seller believes that they have already done everything you asked for?

If you are asking for revisions, this would seem to be the case and even if a seller offers unlimited revisions, you shouldn’t expect a literally unlimited number. Fiverr states that buyers can not refuse to pay for work due to personal preference/design tastes etc. If it is the case that your seller has already delivered your work and revised it, you should simply accept this order and leave what you feel is appropriate feedback.

Also, a seller can’t mark an order as complete. An order marks itself as complete 3 days after delivery. If your seller delivered work and you didn’t ask for a revision until the order automatically completed, I’m afraid that you missed your opportunity to ask for any FOC revisions.