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How do I filter search results by Average Customer Review?

I am looking to hire someone. How do I filter search results by Average Customer Review? I heard that was the best way to find reliable talent but I don’t see the option in the dropdown. thanks!

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I have just looked and “Best Selling” seems to be the closest to what you are looking for.


I see there is no longer the option to filter search results by “average customer review”.

It makes it more difficult to find sellers with the most experience. Fiverr now promotes newer sellers more.

Though sorting by just “average customer review” would also show new sellers (maybe at the top) first that had just 1 5 star review.

eg. it would show a new seller with 1 review that was a 5 star review above a seller with 1000 reviews averaging 4.999 stars.

It makes it more difficult to find sellers with the most experience

Though there is an option to sort by “best selling” - which would likely get those with the most experience. Though it doesn’t say if that’s all-time best selling or best selling within a particular time period (eg. 30/60 days).

I prefer to have my gigs the first page shown, which is “recommended”.

If I type “spell” in the search and then select “sort by best selling” I see 3 of your gigs on the 1st page of the results.

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What about under “recommended”?

I do not see any of my gigs under “best selling” on the first page.

If you mean sort by “relevance” I see 6 of your gigs on the first page for that for the same search.

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Thank you! I do not see “relevance” at all. I see “recommended” instead.

Which section do you see first, relevance or best selling?

Are any of my gigs on the first two rows?

My orders have absolutely died in the last ten days for some reason.

If I type “spell” in the top search box, sort-by defaults to “relevance” in the results. If I select the “sort by” option, the options say (from top to bottom of the menu), “relevance”, “best selling”, “newest arrivals”.

Yes for relevance, 3 of yours are in the first 4.

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Interesting that we have different sections shown. I really appreciate this input.

This is the top row that I see:

It changes each time I refresh my browser.

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Yes, mine changes too - different gigs shown (just noticed), but you normally have 1 to 3 gigs in the top 4 for “relevance” for that search.


Hey guys, can you have a look and tell me where my gigs show up or how many are on the front page?

I think it will depend on the search used. For “seo” I couldn’t find your gigs in the top pages (and I looked through quite a few). I did also look in the “seo” category but couldn’t see your gigs in the first few pages.

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Oh, ok, thanks. I had a feeling my gigs are not on the front page, I have been receiving less messages from potential clients.