How do I find better keywords for my gigs? How to research a keyword for my gigs


I want better tags for my gigs. So that it can appear most of the times in the buyers’ list. I want to know the tips and tricks to find best keywords for my each gig.


You have a link to your website in your profile with a link to your FB account. This is against the ToS of Fiverr and can get you banned.


Ok I removed it, now tell me the tips and tricks of keyword research


Well to be honest i have been looking for some guidance here

but what i can offer you right now is two advices

  1. Think of catchy and every day words that decribe your service

  2. Try to think of 5 individual words which come into your mind when you look at the specific service you are offering in a gig…

i m a newbie still learning but lets hear it from our masters :smiley:

  1. Fiverr search bar - Just type any keyword related to your service and it will show you the suggestions of the most widely searched keywords matching it.

  2. Google keyword planner - You can use the google keyword planner tool to research the common keywords used by the people related to your service.


Here to learn, keywords are really important for sales.