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How Do I Find Marketers Who Actually Market for Me

I have tried multiple times and multiple “so-called-marketers” who say they market my product link by email and put on their facebook, etc. and to date I have seen nothing. I never see the ad anywhere, never get any responses AT ALL and so I’m wondering if they are collecting my $5, $35, $95 and just not doing anything. In all those paid “email/social media” (I think it was like over 5000) you would think I would get at least ONE response! So, that leads me to believe it’s not being done.
I would really like to try again. Any suggestions as to WHO is GOOD and can help me?


Did you get a report from the seller? or evidence showing they actually market your product?

Most PR/marketing/traffic gigs are fake to be honest.

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A couple of them did. but they didn’t look too promising.

So, you are telling me PR/marketing people on here are fake and just taking money and FIVERR allows that?

not all hou can check crorkservice he is a pro in PR and number one seller on fiver

If you have proof that the seller didn’t deliver then contact Fiverr CS and you’ll probably get your money back.
I don’t know what you have purchased, but my recommendation is that you need to do some homework to understand what kind of service you need in the first place.

For example, you mentioned that you ordered a gig to share your link on Facebook.
Did you ask or get any proof who actually saw that ad? In which group it was advertised? Who belongs to that group? Are they even interested in your product/service? Did you track how many visitors you received through that post?

If you hire someone to post your link on Facebook and they did it then seller’s job is done. It is your responsibility to make sure you need this service and that it matches your requirements. It is also your responsibility to make sure you track the results.

If you hire someone to spam people with your link then that’s exactly what you will get. How many times have you purchased something because of spam emails or random social media links?
Try to figure out who is your target audience and how you can reach them. Would your audience respond to spam?

Out of curiosity, are you trying to promote your Fiverr gig? Have you done your research on how many people come to Fiverr to look for vacant house leads? Do you know how many sellers offer it here on Fiverr? Are they getting orders for their gigs?
Make data-driven decisions, don’t just order gigs hoping that you’ll get lucky.


You tried 5000 of those scammers and wonder if one of us tested them on order to find a honest one?
Gimme a break…

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I was going to post a some advice but considering your reaction to @uxreview (who happens to be someone who knows what he is talking about) I won’t bother.

Please note that people are free to respond to any posts on the forum as long as they keep to the rules.
When you post in a public forum, you have to be prepared to get responses that you don’t like. That said, I cant see anything in his post that even remotely warrants the kind of response you gave.


I was about to respond, but I will follow Eoin on this one. There’s no point.


I am glad you don’t seem to run a business because I would NEVER buy from someone with an attitude like that.


I don’t need this… or FIVERR!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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