How do I find more gigs by a seller I like?


I’ve tried clicking on his name - and it takes me to the main home search page - I need the work he did to be delivered in different formats but i closed the gig and already gave feedback. I’ve tried searching his handle in the search box- clicking on his name in my completed orders page. I don’t know if he’ll get my messages since the gig is complete - and even if he does it’s DUMB that fiver is making this so hard to do - there should be SOME WAY to continue doing business with someone you have already done business with!!! Any suggestions??


If you are clicking on his name and it’s taking you to the Fiverr main page then his account probably has been closed. That is the only reason why clicking on his name wouldn’t take you to his profile. Same goes for searching. If you are searching his handle and it’s not coming up then he’s probably gone.

No profile, no account.


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Yes @theslacjaw is right .