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How do I find my job?

I had a great job done but it and the seller has now disappeared! I never got the finished product, only the first draft, rate her or anything. There is an order number but it seems trying to actually contact Fiverr for help is a waste of time too.
I have paid for this of course because you have to pay first, so now what happens? Do I pass her work onto someone else to finish it for me??? (and then have to pay again…)

You can cancel the order! Has the seller “delivered” the work (you’ve received a notification that the seller delivered) …if that is the case and it has not reached 14-17 days, you can still cancel the order, the funds will go back to you in 2 days (if seller doesn’t cancel the request for cancellation) and then you can order from another person. – if you can see the gig is still listed as active and in progress, then the seller is still working on it…

It might be difficult to explain everything here, but I hope whatever I’ve said helps. It’s also helpful to try and talk to Customer Support because they can help you with the cancellation of the order if the situation calls for so.