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How do I find sellers in a specific state?

I am looking for marketing in the states I hold estate sales in, but if I just put the state name in the search engine, people have used key words in their descriptions even though they are not in that state. I conduct estate sales, and I would like to network with sellers in each of the states I have a sale. Right now, I have one in Maryland, but I would like to find people with Facebook and Twitter accounts that actually live in Maryland that can broadcast our estate sale events. Tennessee is another state we hold sales in. Hopefully, our company will expand to include all of the East Coast, but right now, I need sellers in Maryland.

Post this job in request a gig section then specify that sellers should be from the given state

Create a buyer request and make sure to use state ‘must live in Maryland’. That should do the trick for you! Good luck. :slight_smile: