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How do I find the right SEO Seller?

I tried doing a word search on this topic as it’s been discussed on many occasions. As expected, tons popped up, they were all MFG or IMG.

I do not need improvement, I need to buy. With so many thousands of sellers offering this, with me never having bought this before, I’m a little overwhelmed on what to look for to find the right seller. A little help would be appreciated:

  • What questions should I ask?
  • What should I focus on the seller’s gig page?
  • Does it matter what type of site it is, such as a blog site, forum, website, etc.?



An oldish looking Irish guy I know offers that service, I think…[There are many excellent SEO sellers, you will see many of them on this forum, some of them post now and then.]


You can use buyer request option?

Thank you for your advice but that is NOT something I’d like to do for this particular service.


Ok may i know your service topic?

I forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder!

EDIT: Isn’t he younger than you? :wink:


Yes i can also help you with SEO service?

Ditto what Writer said!

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So he says…

I obviously don’t know what your project is but I suspect, given how you successfully utilize different people for different tasks, you should apply this approach to SEO too. To begin, I would suggest you get a really good idea about what SEO is, how it works, different approaches, ideas, concepts etc. There is a lot of info out there and available for free but obviously there is a lot of rubbish too - I suggest that you stick to guides that are from major SEO tools, Google etc and not just whatever comes up in searches.
Personally, for a beginner/great introduction and overview, I would recommend this post and series from Moz who are one of the leading SEO tools around. If you have heard of Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) - these guys invented that metric for measuring sites and pages.

While the vast majority of SEO on Fiverr is link building related, this is just one aspect of SEO - there are thousands of potential factors! I know you use good writers so that is an exceptionally good place to start. On site SEO (your site, content etc - basically everything you can control on your site) is the foundation for success which off-site SEO (like link building) can then build on.

Anyway, drop me an inbox message and I will send you a couple of advice leaflets I have written which will help you do a lot of your own SEO.

PS. @writer99025 to paraphrase Winston Churchill:

Tomorrow I can shave off my beard and I will look younger, while you my dear, you will still BE older.


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That was one extremely comprehensive article you posted. Although extremely well written, it’s still foreign language to me.

I created a discourse forum, much like this one - exclusively for writers/authors to discuss books, publishing, etc. - slightly different than other writing communities - because I’m setting mine up to include ghostwriter/translators/article writers, eBook cover designers, etc.

I was planning on official opening around October 14th or 21st. I am still gathering articles of interest from various writers - who happens to be rather good at SEO, as you already know.

I know that simply posting the write ups on my forum won’t automatically get me traffic or get people to sign up, so I need to ensure the site itself is indexed properly. I’m just trying to figure out when to hire and which type of SEO seller I should hire.

I whole heartedly admit I am ignorant when it comes to the ins & outs of SEO. There is so much information out there.

Ok, for “content based” sites like that, I have two specific leaflets that I can give you.
One is based on optimizing content - in terms of putting it on the site, not just how it is written.
The second is my “Post Posting Procedure” which is about how to optimize a post using off-site techniques.
These tasks could then be broken up and given to different sellers to do, or you could do them yourself.

It’s true.
My general rule of thumb is: If Mr. Google was looking over my shoulder, would I do this?
The reason is that to put the analogy in perspective, Mr Google is not looking over your shoulder - he is actually in your head! With all of Google’s tools and expertise, they see pretty much everything.
Take an “informational” approach to SEO and you won’t go wrong.

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Can I by any chance get those, too? I’d greatly appreciate!

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