How do I fix my rankings/ratings


I’ve been working with Fiverr for many years now and a year ago, I turned on vacation mode when I went on extended leave. Unfortunately, When I came back, I found out that there were a bunch of gigs that were ordered and never processed. A bunch of them canceled and left negative feedback.

I’m back now and trying to get things back in order and get traffic to my gigs. So far I’m getting some views, but still not getting any organic orders.

Any good recommendations? Also, where can I see what my overall ranking is?


It’s a million dollar question roaming around the forum because Fiverr has introduced new algorithm. But very few sellers could make sense about it. So far I noticed, the more external traffic you bring to the gig, the more Fiverr will help you get orders. Otherwise, they will not promote your gigs to the buyer.


Fiverr does not take an active role in helping anyone get more orders. Sellers are 100% responsible for their own success.


Doesn’t fiverr add sellers in promotional listing?


Fiverr does that to show that they have great sellers on their site. There is no guarantee that any seller will be featured, though, to it would be unwise to expect this to bring you any sales. You are still responsible for reaching out to your target customers, and convincing them to hire you. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you successful.


Ranking the gigs on first page can be considered as fiverr’s help?


Thanks for everyone’s response.

What is the best way to drive traffic to the gigs?