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How do i gain access to vector file

I’m new to fiverr and just made my first purchase. I purchased the premium package which included:
Unlimited revisions
Source file
Logo transparency
High resolution
3D Mock up
Vector file

Not knowing the process I thought the vector file would be available after completion of the logo I approved my logo tipped and don’t have access to the file I asked the designer about it an they said it should be on the order page I don’t see a link or anything labeled vector file just individual photos of my logo… if I’m looking in the wrong place someone steer my in the right direction.

Vector file should have extension like ai or svg. If you do not see any of the files named something.svg or then he did not send you the proper files. If you see something.psd that is also not vector.

Never approve delivery if the did not include all the files. Now it is too late especially if the seller refuses to send vector but in future orders look at the delivered files, you can download and check them before accepting. If something is not right as seller for explanation first. If they fail to respond then ask for revision.

@sumonlight Why? He is not introducing him self to forum members, he has questions, please reply with answers

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Thanks for the feed back I think I was just looking in the wrong place I see the file ext:

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

You can open them with Adobe Illustrator only. if you do not need to use them in vector state keep the files for your printer company or social media designer.

In future you can ask designer to export additionally file as PDF. PDF you can view the content of the file while keeping the vector conformity. If the text is not converted to path opening PDF as vector file will distort the image.

But most designers always convert any text in to path before delivering due to possibility of client not having the exact typography on his/her computer (font).

Thanks for the help I will keep that in mind for my next purchase.