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How do I get a Cash Refund from fiverr?

I responded to a fiverr ad I saw on Facebook about creating a logo for my business. I selected a seller and placed an order for $50, but of course, somehow I was charged $52.50 instead.

Per the Seller’s request, I provided a lot of information about what I wanted. About two days later I got a log from the Seller. To say that it was awful is an understatement. It was so bad. They evern misspelled the name of my company. It became immediately obvious to me that I was dealing with someone for whom English was not their native language and there was a huge disconnect. I immediately informed the Seller and fiverr that I was not satisfied with the work, filed a dispute and requested a refund. Today I checked on the status of my dispute and found that I have a $50 credit on my account which can be used to make other purchases on fiverr. That’s not what I want. At this point, I have zero interest in making another purchase on fiverr. What I want, is for fiverr to issue a credit to my PayPal account of the $52.50 that they charged me. I have a website and an online store. Issuing refunds is a common occurance. I always just give the customer his money back - whether that means sending it back to his PayPal account or directly to his creidt card. I don’t keep the money and attempt to force the customer to buy something else from me to receive fair value for his money. It is not my money. It is his money. I know of no other website in the world that does not issue a refund to the bank, PayPal or other funding source that was used to make the original purchase. This is very very suspect in my opinion. If any of you moderators are reading this, let me tell you that as a corporate policy, this is a huge mistake. People will not put up with it. You think you are being clever by not letting go of people’s money once it enters your system. But you are not clever at all. It is dishonest. It is a bad practice. The word will get out and it will cost you more business than you can ever hope to capture by issuing store credits instead of actual refunds. If you are Seller on fiverr, I strongly suggest you lobby fiverr to change this policy. It will impact your ability to attract and keep business. I feel like I have been screwed. It’s only $52.50. It won’t change my life one iota. But rest assured I will make it point to warn all of my friends about doing business with fiverr. I only have about 4,000 Facebook friends so that shouldn’t be a big deal. What’s 4,000 friends, who also have 1,000 friends each? It probably won’t hurt your business at all. I mean, who wouldn’t want 4 million people reading a negative review about your company? You just can’t buy that kind of publiscity for $50… or can you?

Fiverr charges a 5% processing fee per order.

Fiver returns order amount as a credit only.

A one time transfer to payment source can be made by request to customer support.

As DJ has explained above, you can request a refund from customer service.
Please note that everything you are complaining about regarding payment, including processing fee and refunds, is clearly laid out in the Terms of Service you agree to by using the site. If you chose not to read them, despite them being well written, in a good sized text and well laid out, it is actually your own mistake.

While I don’t like the policy either, a store credit is a commonly used system across many industries and I am surprised you have not come across it before. I find it more strange that a company offers the chance for a refund when requested despite the store credit system being clearly laid out in the terms.
As for telling 4 million people, I think you are overreaching a little in terms of the power of Facebook as well as the fact that people just aren’t that interested in stories about people not reading terms and conditions of websites.

Please note: Forum Moderators are not Fiverr staff and have no influence on policies, refunds, ToS etc. We just keep the forum running smoothly.

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Thank you for your response. I am guilty as charged for not reading the Terms of Service. That is my mistake. It does not change the fact that the policy is wrong on so many levels. I’m not interested in being a Seller on fiverr. I would not be associated with any business or website that engages in practices that are dishonest, even if they are spelled out in a Terms of Service Agreement. I would like you to name one other online service that issues Store Credits rather than cash refunds. I have done business online with hundreds of sellers and have never heard of such a practice. I think you underestimate the power of negative publicity. Yes, I was foolish to use fiverr without thoroughly reading the terms. That’s just part of the story. I don’t mind portraying myself as a fool because in the process I will be warning people about the incredibly lousy service I got and the store credit policy vs. cash refund. Whatever profit fiverr hopes to gain by holding customers captive by not issuing real refunds, they will sure lose when potential customers avoid doing business with them at all. that’s my opinion. Time will tell.

I think you may have missed or misunderstood the following parts of the comments above.

This means you can request a refund to source by contacting customer support with the link.

I don’t like it either and agree that it is probably counterproductive but it is a policy that is in place. In spite of this, as mentioned above it is possible to get the refund you require and therefore nullifies your issue. I do think that the policy is probably in place to ensure that people who experience cancellations do not then have to pay payment processing fees again which would be extremely frustrating as payment processing fees are not refunded but are also not paid again when using Fiverr credit.

Side note: I understand negative publicity, I just have doubts as to whether a Facebook post about this would reach 4 million people.

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Thanks for your clarification. I have communicated with fiverr via the link you provided. I had already done so, I also emailed fiverr directly via the email provided on their PayPal account. I have also filed a dispute with PayPal. I am fairly confident that I am going to get my money back. I have a pretty good track record on these things.

Shifting gears - and this is just two guy talking - I have had my online business for over 6 years. From Day One, I have had a 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on everything I sell. I offer over 2000 products.In 6+ years I have had less than a handful of customers request a refund because they were unhappy with my products. I have issued countless refunds to customers who ordered 2 or three times in the same day and rather than chip three separate packages I ship everything in one box and refund their shipping charges they incurred on the other transactions. I do this without being asked. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. I recently had a customer buy three items from me for $150 total + shipping. This was in December. In January, I saw him selling the items on Facebook for $35 each. In his words, he said, there was nothing wrong with them. He just decided to go in another direction. I emailed and told him to take the Facebook ad down. I sent him a postage paid shipping label so he could return the items and immediately refunded his $150 + Shipping - before I even got the stuff back. That day. Instantly. He was unaware of my 100% Satisfaction Guarnatee. What did it cost me to do that? It cost me $3.00 to ship the initial order. And it cost me $3.00 to have him ship it back to me. The items he purchased were still new and could be re-sold for the same $150. So for $6.00 I rendered World Class Customer Service. If and when my name comes up in conversationwith this customer what story do you think they will tell? Who is in control of that? I am. I am in control of every story about every expereince that every one of my customers have with me. I am a fanatic about doing right by people and creating good will. That is the ONLY WAY to build long term relationships with customers and earn their loyalty. It helps to have good products too. As a result, my business has expoded.

Let’s compare that attitude to a company that delivers a product that flat out sucks. They could not even spell the name of my company right in a logo they designed for me. That’s how bad it was. So the product sucks and they make you jump through hoops to get your money back. Which company would you rather do business with - me or fiverr?

4 million people can be reached on Facebook in less than an hour.

I suppose you no longer wish to do business here on Fiverr, because by creating a dispute you have done just that.
Also your account is automatically suspended because of that.

Yes - I received a couple of emails to that effect. However, I am still able to log on to fiverr and particiapte in this conversation. I think that they re-set my password just to make sure that I was not engaging in fraudulent activity. I am, after all, asking for money. It’s probably a good idea. At least it tells me someone noticed. So that just adds to the drama. Bad buying experience. Store Credit instead of a refund. Complain about it. Get your accound cancelled and kicked off the website. These people are real beauties. And by the way, do a Google search on this subject. You will find that I am not alone in feeling this way. For all I know fiver might be a valuable resource to a lot of people but this policy of not issuing refunds for unacceptable work my prove to be the fatal flaw that does them in.

Here you go. Try this on on for size.

Note: The site you listed has only a third party complaints forum for one of the branch offices of Fiverr. To complain to (or about) the actual Headquarters you would want to use the correct location:

Fiverr International, Ltd.
12 HaOmanim Street
Tel Aviv, 6789731

Re the dispute via Paypal, that is against the ToS too which is why they took action against your account, not because you complained. While you contacted CS, you did not wait for their resolution which probably (IMO) would have been a refund.

Good for you, you offer a service in a way that works for you and your business, that doesn’t mean you can expect everyone else to operate in the same way. You are confusing the Seller you bought from with the platform you bought through. This is as relevant as blaming Paypal for the situation.
The platform would have (I believe) backed you up had given it the opportunity to.

If you were dealing with the same number of clients and sales that Fiverr does (approx 8 million transactions per year), I suspect your ability to treat each sale in the manner you do would be compromised. You offer 2000 products, Fiverr has 1000 new gigs being set up per day and approx 60,000 gigs for Logo Design alone - so as for a comparison, it doesn’t work as they are not like-for-like businesses.
You were not asked to jump through hoops, just to report the situation to CS through the link that is available on the bottom of every page and wait for a response - pretty standard.

The difference between “can” and “will” is my point. Unless you include a hilarious video of a cat/child with your post I believe it is unlikely your post will gain that kind of traction.

Everyone knows there are complaints about Fiverr, we see plenty of them on the forum. The majority that I see are from people who, like you, chose not to find out how the site works before buying. For those like me who did read how the site works, it is a fantastic platform offering exceptional value. Each to their own.

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I understand your frustration. I’ve had similar cases with previous buyers who wanted to know how they can have a cash refund. It’s a fair practice given the amount of money being spent each year. I believe they want to create a platform with stability. If you want to order - you mean you want to do business.

Not all shops offer cash back. Some retailers offer exchanges (which is essentially the same thing as store credit.)

I’m happy for you that you provide the best customer support to your clientele. I wish you the best of luck!

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@thalchak You can feel free to contact Fiverr Headquarters and complain, I’ve corrected your post to show the accurate information. A social media campaign to complain is also your prerogative. Your Fiverr account is no longer in good standing since you chose an external solution to your issue, so you will need to continue your complaint process on your own. Good luck!

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How is it dishonest when you are clearly told what deal is and you choose not to read the ToS. And still you have given a way to get your money back and you also had to go through the gigs and select carefully someone who can actually deliver what you want, Fiverr is a platform and has no control of everyone using in the platform whether they are buyers or sellers and they are in millions, of course there could be fraudulent people in Fiverr and that goes for both buyers and sellers and Fiverr put in place measurements to report them, admit you jumped the gun and fiverr and freelancers in the forum tried to help you, and I am sure you feel better now and things are clearer to you.