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How do I get a first order in my new profile?

I can’t get the order,please Help me…


Active online, send buyer request, keep patienc, THERE is no systemthat’s you get order easily. Its depend on your activists


How exactly do you want us to help you?

I see you have 1 min read time which means that you came here only to create this topic. So how about to invest your own time into research and reading all helpful tips that was already shared here?


Actually I need to help, I need to know if there are any new topics, although. I have followed a lot of tips…The reason for the question is I’m new in fiverr

Thanks for Your valuable feedback… :heart_eyes:

As I mentioned before :point_down:

You checked only one topic on this forum which is this one so why not to use a search button to look for the topics that interests you


You will notice that my membership is not long, there is a lot to know, so I want to know, thank you for your valuable opinion.