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How do I get a gig approved?

Hi. I have tried to get a business card design gig approved several times. It keeps getting rejected because of the image each time. I have used a different image each time. All images have have had good resolution of 300 dpi. I have the copyright for all the images I have used. The images have been the size that people have suggested I use in the forums. The first image I tried to get approved was for a sample business card I had designed. The second image I tried to get approved was a stack of different business cards I had designed. The third image I tried to get approved was a screen shot of me designing a business card with my design software. The fourth time I tried a picture of me holding up a business card I designed. Does anyone know what I need to use for a photo for a business card design gig in order to get the gig approved ? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I to have has the same problem, The contact info was John Doe, and was the website. I finally gave up and posted my gigs on Craigslist. I really wanted to sell on fiverr, It is such a cool website. But my time is money too. If every picture is reject and I cannot get “Human” help. Then I question what will happen if I have a problem and need a "Human " to resolve it. If a “Human” at Fiverr reads this ans wants to help me. You know how to contact me.

Try changing your gig’s title. I wasn’t able to get pics approved either and realized my title was the same as another user’s gig, so I changed the title and it worked.