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How do I get a job as a new saller?

How are you my all buddy in the fiverr forum community? I’ve been in fiverr for a long time but haven’t found a job yet.How can I be successful? Give me some advice. I’m giving fiverr a lot of time. I’ve been sending lot of buyer request, but I’m not getting any results.


Please keep patience … Share your gig on social media … and Do not send copy paste buyer request offer… Read buyer requirements very carefully and then send your offer based on their requirements,:blush:


Thank you so much for your kind Information @athoi123


it’s my pleasure…


Here are some tips put together by other sellers.

  1. Do not stay online, 24/7. It would be best if you had your sleep to be productive.

  2. Do not post your gigs all over social media. It is SPAM, and besides, your friends and relatives are not your target buyers.

  3. Use Buyer Requests ONLY if you can do a great job fulfilling the buyer’s requirements.

  4. When making offers on Buyer Requests do not use copied and pasted offers. Each Buyer Request is unique and needs a different answer.

  5. Make sure your profile is perfect. Spell everything correctly and use proper English grammar.

  6. Make sure your gig images are different from any other seller, and make sure they are eye-catching.

  7. Never copy another seller’s gig mages or wording.

  8. Do not do homework for students. This will cause you to lose your gig and maybe even your account.

  9. Be patient.

  10. Offer fair pricing for your products.

  11. Offer quality products.

  12. Always be kind to Buyers (even the ones that tick you off).

  13. Seek to improve your product quality over time.

  14. Pay attention to what your Seller competitors are doing and learn from them (asking this question is a step in that direction).

  15. Be honest.

  16. Expect failures, disappointments, and cancellations but also expect successful events as well.
    Another resource is my friend Jon’s advice.


Send 10 offers daily.
You can read this article click here


It is okay, Online marketing place take time if you unable to show your capabilites. be patience and do hardwork to catch your client works. Do better works and update. At fast read your buyer requirement and send proposal. best of lucj


Thank you so Much for your valuable information @vickiespencer

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Thank You @ndesign32


Thank You bro @seotorank

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Really , I am new. But I will suggest you sharing your gig social media to get more jobs. I have been working and sharing my gig for 2 days, great impression. you can do that.

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Which Social Media are you sharing the most? @seotorank


instagram and pinterest best social media platforms @rakinraihan208


increase your social media marketing ,be more active on forum , your good result is near dear ,just wait & see


ok i will try my best

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Yes i have been continuing the forum for 3 days.

Posting all over the forum will not get you sales.

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Target your customers, Stay Active, Offer some unique and useful skills, approach social media apps, or read " Tips for sellers " page and send buyers request.

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yes you are right. now I am active in forum and discussing with the freelancers and build community.


Forum activity has zero impact on fiver ranking/impressions/clicks/success.