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How do I get a lot of customers?

Ever since I became a seller, my gigs did not get a lot of clients. I have only currently 2 customers who bought my gigs. I have changed my price so many times every time I upgrade my thumbnail but still having low percent of chance. Do you have tips for me? Thank you

You need to Promote Your GIGs in Social Media Platform. Now days Social Media Platform is the best way to promote your gigs and get more unique buyers :slight_smile:
Also I Recommend Regularly User “Buyer Request” Option and Provide Best Offers to Buyer, Who’s posted requirement in “Buyer request” Section.

Hope you get more sales soon. Thanks

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Keep promoting, marketing and don’t change gigs every now and then, this will make your gigs laggging behind. Set a fair price, then keep marketing


Paul is like :santa:t2:, he gives new sellers lots of :gift_heart: in the form of information on how to succeed on Fiverr!

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