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How do I get a rating without having gotten a job yet?


I have not had a job yet because I’m new. How do I get work?


Hi Nicole,
Please peruse any available request from buyers here:


Offer good deals to help bring in customers to you faster!


I have tried everything and I am getting nothing


Do you see anything wrong here?? This is how your gig looks like


Well damn, did you have to be so rude about that? I mean really is that how
you get your kicks during the day?


I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just pointed out the main problem that needs an urgent fix.


Maybe chill out a wee bit Nicole? You asked for advice, and @phantompower pointed out a couple of things which could be preventing you from getting orders.

Suggestions - change your gig title - it always start with ‘I will’ so possibly ‘I will transcribe your audio to text’

Your packages - they’re all the same, so there’s no advantage to the buyer to go for anything other than a $5 gig.

Hope this helps!


Gotta love it when someone asks for help then bites your head off upon giving said help eh, @phantompower

Your gig’s rubbish, change it–you should be a little grateful that someone even took a little time out of their day to visit your profile, read it, screenshot it and then edit it to show you clearly what the issue is.

Then you bite their head off :ok_hand:


Frustrations leads to delinquency…


I apologize apparently I took it the wrong way.


I don’t think its frustration(I’m not referring to the phrase)…
@nicoled87, thanks for posting your problem here. But as you can see, you basically need to redo the gig (every single word) in order to get some sales. when your done with that, I wish you luck and hope you get many successful sales


Nicole I have a question for you though, in your page tag line it is written:

Jack of all traits and quick handed

Was that intentional?


Oh dear. That’s not going to showcase your transcription expertise, as will the other numerous errors on your page.

Or your BA in “busines”–from an online university. You say I am OCD about my work, perfection is key! but… this is a little bit sloppy, imo. You do advertise one of your pro skills as being “error free typing”, when your profile and gig both demonstrate that this is patently not true.


The thing about actually having a four year degree is that if nothing else it teaches you to write correctly. Although supposedly by the time you graduate from high school you should have mastered that skill.

Nicoled87 buyers have only your profile and gigs to look at and decide if they want to hire you or not so it helps if these are well written.


Yes, I have seen reports that college professors are frustrated because students are coming to them from high school and have abysmal English (it’s worth noting that the average reading age for Americans hovers at around grade 8) writing skills, so there are quite often classes to change that. Then you have to factor in the slightly alarming (and unbelievable, to me) stories that some don’t know how to operate a computer. Although I’m not sure if that’s just grumpy old people moaning about da kidz having an umbilical cord to their Crapple or actually true.

Either way, GET OFF MY LAWN!


Here in the States it’s unfortunate that people graduate from high school and are barely literate much of the time. One in five adults are illiterate

Nicole assuming you have word processing software you use to write your transcriptions, you can turn on the spellcheck. The idea of having 3 packages is to have each one different, with more expensive ones offering more minutes of transcription.


@nicoled87 I think you need to hire someone to write gig description, Packages and other things for you.