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How do I get a refund on a gig marked complete?

I made a purchase on Feb 27th, and the seller marked the gig completed on March 4th, but has not delivered anything at all but empty promises, and is now unresponsive to emails (curse you, Premukar). I just want to get my money back and move on. How do I do this, as the resolution center tab in My Shopping only says to contact the seller. Any ideas?


The user account as been terminated, I hope you got refunded.

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I have the same issue, but the seller is happy to refund the money but he doesn’t know where to refund the money. I thought it should be refunded to my pay-pal account and he said he got them transferred to his Fiverr’s account. What should I do?

Reply to @dinash: Hi dinash, any refunded money automatically becomes Fiverr credits, so you can use them again to purchase another gig. They don’t go back to your paypal account, sadly. I hope that helps.

Seller marked gig as delivered on the third day of the scheduled four day wait. I mailed back that there was no attachment. The seller said they would forward the attachment when they could get back in front of the computer that night which would be the next morning for me. 3 days of don’t worry, I didn’t forget you and I awake again to nothing. Fiverr has not marked the gig as complete yet,but that would be today in which they would. I fear losing my money and the opportunity to review the order.

*Update it’s 3days now since the scheduled delivery. I asked for a modification, and the Fiverr bot says it’s been rejected because I last heard from the seller 38 minutes ago? I live in Europe and the seller is in the U.S which is a 6hr difference. Seller last communicated at 9:48pm(U.S) that he would deliver definitely lastnight, early am mine…so it’s after 4pm. So why is the request marked rejected? & Why is fiverr telling me to be patient, because(according to Fiverrbot) I just heard from the seller 38 minutes ago?