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How do I get a seller removed? [RESOLVED]

I placed an order with a seller and gave specific instructions to what my website needs were. The seller sent me garbage that was not useful. The website was still in the demo mode and only had 2 items listed that I needed. I gave the seller an extra 1 day to fix the problems and still no change. I have cancel these orders 4 times and each time the seller deletes my request and resubmits the same garbage as completed work. Today, I noticed he had given himself a 5 star rating FROM MY ACCOUNT!! He had also logged onto my account and ACCEPTED the COMPLETED ORDER!

Beyond Furious right now!

Thank you everyone for the advice. I’ve changed my passwords on EVERYTHING I use, contacted Customer Service as well as Trust and Safety and they are investigating his actions. I have changed the reviews from me on his page so hopefully no one else will be taken by him.

I am so sorry this happened to you. Contact customer support as previously said.

You should be able to get help and I am sure with his actions the seller will get banned.

I’m guessing your website password and Fiverr account password must be the same, if what you say here is true. So change your password, change the review. Or change your password and contact customer service for a cancellation.

you can still change the rating and review. if it was like jtengle ^ said you should contact customer service, the payment is pending for 14 days so maybe they can refund you if he didn’t deliver what he was offering and used your info to log into your account.

How do you know he logged into your fiverr account? Did you give him your password?