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How do I get attention to what I offer?

I make Youtube thumbnails and I would like to know how to get attention to that specific product. What are the key things to add? and where could I promote my ‘product’?

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Well, the logical choice would be to have Youtube channel and publish something daily.

I want to do that but I have to much work to do to focus on YT.

And for say anything GIG your math is wrong.
10 words for 5
20 for 15
That means if someone buys 3×10 = 30 for 15

ad something like mp4 MOV avi file changes in the packages

What would I publish on youtube?

And I know that everything is wrong on that, it’s a work in progress, I’m primarily focusing on the thumbnail gig as of right now, but my math is completely off so I will edit that now.

If you are free, have time, and you have roof over your head and food taken care of, you could do anything on YouTube. Record your self making thumbnails, make thumbnails in live stream for people joining, something, anything.

If I was free and did not have to worry about food and bills I would do all kinds of things on YT.
But I have to provide for family first.

So, for example… I could make time lapses of me making the thumbnails as a way to promote what I do


I want to do that for all my services but Fiverr is not stable income and I can not spend time on that right now. If orders become larger that I make at least rent money per month then it would be a different story.

I’ll work on that, thank you for your help

You should also change your profile image. I’m pretty sure you don’t have the copyrights for Felix the Cat.

I have now, thanks

It’s just something I put on as my profile picture as a temporary thing