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How do i get back good ratings


I was a 100% not so long a go. Now i have had a difficult client give me a 1 star rating and i am at 98% which sucks. So what ways will get my ratings back up quickly?


Hi there,

You have to waiting for that, you should have atleast more thatn 10-15 orders(almost) to 5 stars with positive feedback. it is really sucks as you told, but that is the system generating type,


98% isn’t the end of the world. Many people continue along just fine because most buyers understand that there are difficult people in the world.

I don’t think just leaving a Tip gig up is the way to make the sales you need to at least have a chance of increasing your rating. You might consider contacting CS with the details of the sale to see if there’s a possibility the review can be removed. This usually requires getting the buyer to agree to it, and maybe now that some time has passed, he or she will do so. Presumably you’ve communicated with the buyer in an effort to find other solutions to this than his leaving a 1-star rating. Did you offer a refund or a rewrite/revision or another chance to do the work?

It really is unusual for someone to leave such a bad review if you’ve made a sincere effort to fix the problem, whatever it is, unless the buyer is a competitor attempting to undermine you. In that case you’ll definitely need to solicit help from CS.

Good luck~