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How do I get back to regular orders

I’ve been with Fiverr for 3 years now, and suddenly after I updated my gig’s content recently, my ranking on search results vanished and my orders from a few a day to zero a day, now into the 5th day of zero orders.

I’ve spoke to Fiverr support, they say its dynamic blah blah, please try promote to social and web, their typical response.

But doesn’t matter what I do, I am now down to zero orders for the first time in 3 years, has fiverr changed something recently? they said my gig is in good standing order, so how can I get orders again from not being able to get in the top search results? thanks

Don’t rely on the Fiverr marketplace to be your primary source for sales. Fiverr Support was right… promote, promote, promote.

But I’ve haD no issues for years. Why now? And where do I promote

Reply to @seanism:

Things change; business changes… and fiverr needs to change to keep up. If you have any websites, post links there to your gigs. If you have blogs, write about your gigs. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, share your gigs. There are plenty of places out there to promote and advertise, you just need to find the places where you gig customers are visiting, and share your gig services.

I don’t get it, why other gigs stay at the top, and mine only lost its rank in search results after i updated my video, seems too much of a coincidence.

Reply to @seanism:

As I’ve already noted, if you wish to increase your sales here on Fiverr, you need to advertise off of Fiverr. You are not guaranteed any kind of high ranking here on Fiverr. You have to get out there and make your own success. If no one is seeing your gigs anymore, and you aren’t getting the level of sales that you want, then try advertising and promoting your gigs elsewhere on the internet.